Great Notion Creative's roots are in the making of films, both narrative and documentary.   The motivation that fuels those efforts is the same that we bring to our work with clients: to tell a story worth telling and tell it well.  Whether it's documentary, branded entertainment, video marketing for a small business or a music video, we enjoy pushing ourselves creatively and collaborating with others to tell a good story.  

 The Great Notion Creative team has worked with a wide range of clients and collaborators, ranging from small businesses and individuals to some of the world's premiere brands, non-profits, and agencies.  We've recently been involved with projects for Twitter, Intel, the Ronald McDonald House, Kettle Brand Potato Chips, Reebok, and more.


Video Solutions

Nothing else tells a story with the vividness, intimacy and emotion of video.  At Great Notion Creative, we help our clients harness this power to meet their communication goals through a range of technologies and platforms, from national TV Spot to SnapChat account to a video channel for your website.  We specialize in offering customized services - rather than cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all  solutions - to meet our clients specific video needs.  

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Consulting & education

In addition to producing videos, we offer Video Marketing for Small Businesses and Filmmaking Education. We've helped a diverse array of clients understand how to make video work for them, from video splash pages to product launch announcements to branded instructional seminars. Our producers have also taught film and video production at both the University and Community level and are available for outreach programs and private instruction.  

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Crew and Collaborators

Our producers, directors, cinematographers and crew have contributed their talents to films and programs that have won major award and recognition in the independent media field. We provide video production and post-production video editing services. We have high-quality equipment with full HD and 4K video. We are trained in film and audio engineering.

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features & Documentaries

Great Notion filmmakers have produced, directed, and distributed over 10 films in the last decade. Our filmmaker collective brings together award-winning filmmakers and emerging artists to support independent filmmaking in the Pacific Northwest. 

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