How much do videos cost?

A typical video advertising budget is around $250-$500/day for each crew member for anywhere from 12-14 hour days. It also means most of the proper film tools such as lights, lighting accessories, stands, sandbags, tape, apple boxes, audio mics, mixer, sticks (tripods) camera and lens will be available. For a multi-day complex shoot, a crew needs to eat and if they can't leave the set to eat, they'll need food to keep them going. Every shoot is a different story, no pun intended. Some require more Benjamins and more crew members than the other. Beside crew rates, It all depends on the needed locations/studio rentals, props, actors, set design, camera rentals/equipment rentals, special effects, post editing, length, and purpose (TV or WEB). Pre-production (planning your video in advance) is key to ensuring you get what you need with your video and to managing your costs. Align your expectations with your budget - you can't expect a movie like "Titanic" to be made on a shoestring.  {DIRECT C&P}


How much do Corporate Videos cost?

Corporate videos are often priced on a per-minute basis, however, due to the myriad styles that they can encompass the prices also vary. For example, ads can be priced starting at $500+ per minute of output, while a video of a meeting starts at a cost of $10 per minute of output. Keep in mind that the cost of the video is not only in what it take to be shot (teleprompters, locations, lighting, crew, transportation), but just as much cost can go into post production services as well (editing, music, motion graphics, color grading, voice over, rush fees, 3rd party footage). It is key that you have a thorough pre-production plan so that the videographer has a sense of what the scope of the project is.