Video Ideas 

Videos are the best way to tell a story. There are many creative ways to bring your story to your audience. Take a look at some of the ways Great Notion Creative can help you tell your story.  

Profile videos and marketing  

Give your visitors a sneak peek into your organization, your services, your location....your story. Present your organization or service in an unique and effective way. Research shows that over 60% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a site that contains a video versus text (See infographic). Having a  video is the perfect way to give visitors a sneak peek into your company and drive more business through your doors. {NEED TO EDIT C&P}

still from the older man interview

Showcase your product/project in action 

image of an app Screen

Online Classes, explainers,  and educational events: bring the classroom directly to your customers/clients/audience 

Videos are natural educational tools--they deepen peoples understanding (See infographic) . Whether you have in mind a series, a one-time explainer video, or capturing a dynamic educator in action in the classroom--your educational videos will help bring the classroom and heighten the educational experiences for your students.  

image from the kid class video

Commercials, hero videos, tv spots

Partner with trained documentarians that will help you get to the heart of the story.  These videos can y includes a large variety of use cases and styles which vary depending on the kind of message each video needs to communicate. Corporate videos can combine shots of the company, product, employees and customers with voice over narration and music. Many corporate videos also take a narrative / documentary driven style to convey the brand attributes of the company to potential customers, partners or new hires. Testimonials and case studies of happy customers are another popular use of corporate videos. Basic blocking and tackling in the form of a video explanation of product, video FAQ's on how a product works, and internal videos to explain company or product initiatives and policy changes are also common use cases for corporate videos. Live events are another opportunity to both produce corporate videos (by capturing footage and sound bites from the event) and to engage and inspire participants by showing a video as a high energy introduction of a speaker or a new product. An experienced corporate videographer will not only identify and capture compelling footage, they should help your executives, employees, partners or customers feel comfortable and look good in front of the camera.

Film a testimonal 

Store walk throughs and property panoramas 

Bring your viewers to your location! Great Notion Creative offers videography and photography that brings to light the best in your location 


Educational Videos 

What are Educational Videos? 

With its ability to combine pictures and sound, video is a powerful communication medium. Video is extremely effective for information delivery, making a prime educational tool. Educational videos serve as alternatives to other teaching methods. Many educational videos are part of a long series. For example, films demonstrating mathematical principles and problems tend to be episodic – each episode is devoted to a specific principle and corresponding problems.





  • Interviews 
  • Event Video
  • Music Video
  • Product Demo
  • Real Estate
  • Small Business Marketing
  • Testimonial
  • Travel
  • Video Editing
  • Kickstarter videos 
  • Esty Profiles 

Trying this is the action language

  • Property Panoramas -showcase your location 
  • Capture your next adventure or event -our rugged gear and know-how can work for you
  • Make a kickstarter video -I loved working with GNC. I don't think my project would have been funded without it. 
  • Capture your next performance -We work with dancers a lot
  • Video seminars, tele-learning, and all sorts of educational sessions --from live to summaries 
  • Film a testimonal 

Video Campaigns 

One video is good.  A video campaign is better!  You need a strategy to be dynamic just like you.  

Leverage micro content and more major content to achieve your goals. For instance you could:

  • Produce a 'hero' video or TV spot 
  • Mini-Documentaries -powerful stories that introduce the heart of your campaign. 3-5 minutes 
  • Show real people in quick testimonials 30-45 seconds each
  • Store walk through using bubble cam to show in 360 degrees 
  • Walks and Talks with key members of your team